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Skylights and Windows

Windows and skylights in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

   We are very excited about the windows and skylights we install in our homes. Our pinnacle wood clad windows are solid wood and very energy efficient.  Because they have aluminum cladding on the exterior you will be able to choose from seven popular exterior colors and the option to have the interior window frames stained or painted in the color of your choice.


   The efficiency of our windows will save you money on heating and cooling costs and your HVAC equipment likely will last longer because there will be less “short cycling" (turning on and off for a short period of time). 


   Prior to ordering the windows you will get to choose the window grill design to be installed between the dual panes of window glass. There is an exterior pane of glass, the grill inside and there is a second pane of glass on the inside with a specialized gas in between.


   Our windows are very energy efficient, made of solid wood so they look great and are easy to clean both the inside and outside from inside your home (they tip in for cleaning). The best part is the cost of our preferred windows compared to others with similar options is about 10% less, making our homes more affordable than others.  In 20 years of showing our preferred window, side by side with one of the most well known windows in the industry, we have seldom had a client choose the nationally known window for their home.


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