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Granite, Marble & Quartz Countertops

Custom granite, marble and quartz kitchen and bath countertops in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

  Like all of our preferred vendors, we have a long standing relationship with our countertop suppliers.  They have amazing selections of granite, marble, and quartz options for you to choose from.  When building a home with Rite-Way, you will have the opportunity to tour their facilities, where there are hundreds, if not thousands of slabs and choices at your fingertips.  You can hand select the slabs for your kitchen, bathrooms and fireplace surround or hearth. 


   We install countertops after the millwork, paint and cabinets have been installed.  Besides the obvious need for cabinets on which to install the countertops, we wait until near the end of the project to decrease the risk of scratches, paint splatter and spills during the construction process.  After installation, we cover the countertops with moving blankets for extra protection.  Our clients love their countertops, and for that reason we do all that we can to keep them looking fabulous during the remaining construction process.

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