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Drywall installer and taper in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

  Once the insulation has been inspected and approved by the building department, drywalling can begin.


  We install ½ inch drywall on all walls and ceilings inside the home and if a garage is attached, we install 5/8 inch drywall for added fire protection. Once the drywall has been hung, our contractor will tape and mud the seams, and sand them smooth to make the drywall look uniform. This is the standard procedure within the industry for preparation of flat finish paint and is called level 4 drywall finish.


  If you plan to use a semi-gloss or matte finish paint, we recommend upgrading to a level 5 drywall finish. This requires applying drywall mud to the entire surface of the drywall, vs. the seams and up to a few inches on either side of the seams.  With a level 5 drywall finish, the entire wall, vs. just the seams, must be sanded smooth. This process takes considerably more time and material than industry standard drywall installations for new homes, but is available through Rite-Way as an optional additional cost item. 

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