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Roofs & Shingles

Shingle, cedar and aluminum metal roofs for homes in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

   Once the framing crew has applied plywood to the roofing rafters, our roofer will be ready to begin. We typically install Owens Corning 30 year architectural shingles in the available color of your choice.  If you require something even more custom, there are many other choices available including cedar shake, standing seam aluminum, slate and a number of specialized roofing materials.


   Before the shingles are installed, we apply ice and water shield from the bottom edges of the roof to 3 feet up to protect the eves from ice dams. Then we install 15 pound felt underlayment on the remainder of the roof, before any of the shingles are installed. Shingles are installed from the bottom of the eves, then moving up the roof. We start at the bottom of the roof so the layers overlap going upward. This reduces the ability for ice damns to wick melted snow and ice upward between the horizontal rows of shingles.


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