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Inspections and Occupancy Permits

Buiding permits and inspections in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

   Once everything has been installed and is finished there is one more inspection prior to move in.  This is called the final inspection and is performed by a home inspector representative of the local municipality's building department.  The purpose of this inspection is to make sure everything in your new home is operational and meets all code requirements. 


   As an example, did you know stair balusters cannot have a space larger than a 4” sphere?  This is to protect children from possibly falling through the stair balusters.  So the final inspection is an important stepping stone in the path to ownership.  The inspector will test every electrical outlet, make sure the electrical panel is installed correctly, test the heat of your hot water, make sure porch and stair railings are installed where needed, confirm the attic insulation is installed on the back of the access panel and pull down stairs along with many additional safety and mechanical items.  When the final inspection has passed, the inspector will prepare a temporary occupancy permit that provides municipality approval to move in.   So, it’s time to schedule the moving truck!


   You will not need a final occupancy permit to move in.  A final occupancy permit will be issued by the municipality’s building department once they review the final surveys which will be provided later by the project surveyor and the inspector has confirmed appropriate ground cover has been established on the property.

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