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Custom Homes

   Since 1990, we've built some of the most beautiful homes in the western suburbs of Chicago.  We have never built the same home twice as each of our homes is a unique design that was handcrafted one wall and one roof at a time.

   Our homes range from 2,600 square feet to over 9,500.   Each is finished with an extraordinary attention to detail.   Although our trim and finishes are exceptional, they are only two of many things that make Rite-Way Custom Homes among the most admired homes in the Western suburbs.

   We have an extensive portfolio of home designs and pictures we'd like to share with you.   We've included a few on our website, as well as videos of a number of our finished homes.   

   Let us know what your dream home looks like.   We'll build it for you!!

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   For 30 years we've specialized in building homes to the specific requirements of our clients.  

  • Large homes.

  • Small homes.

  • High end finishes.

  • Highly cost effective within our market.

  • Beautiful results, on time and within budget.


   We work with our clients from the very beginning to help them develop a realistic budget and timeframe for designing and building thier home.  We provide architects and inspiration to help them vision their new home, then work through each detail from tear down to move in.


   When you are ready, call us at 630-790-8144 for more information, or have one of our custom home consultants contact you:

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