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We Are Custom Home

Addition Experts!

   Are you anticipating a new addition to your family?  How about a bonus room for the kids to play, a home office for mom and dad, a study room for homework, or a theater room to enjoy movies together as a family?   Maybe you would like a screened in porch or three season room with a fireplace?   We would love to help create these and other spaces to increase the functionality of your current home with a room or major home addition. 


   A home addition may be the best solution if you love your current home and location, have a growing family, or simply would enjoy another or additional space.  We have extensive experience in creating functional spaces through home additions, and even adding an entire second floor additon to your home!  We would be excited to meet with you and talk about your vision to create more space within your current home through a home addition.  There usually are many home addition options available.  We also have financial assistance available to help make building and addition to your home easy to do.  


   For more information, please call us today at 630-790-8144 or have one of our home addition / building experts contact you:

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