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Fireplaces & Chimneys

Custom home fireplace installer in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

   There are several types of fireplace and chimney options. 


   There are “direct vent” gas fireplaces with imitation logs.   They produces heat, but does not require a chimney as the exhaust goes through an outside wall. 


   “Pre-fabricated” fireplaces can be wood or non-wood burning fireplaces that utilize either a multi-layer metal air cooled flu chimney pipe or a solid insulated pipe.  Non-woodburning units typically are less expensive than wood burning units. In either case, the chimney pipes typically are hidden on the exterior with siding, brick, stone or other siding material.


   The third fireplace type is a “full masonry” fireplace, with a clay flu and complete brick or stone construction on the exterior. 


   A fourth option type includes specialty pre-fabricated fireplaces that are designed to produce large amounts of heat inside your home, which in some cases can dramatically reduce reliance on a furnace when the fireplace is burning. 


   There are other options such as electric fireplaces, however the four types mentioned above are the most popular with our clients.  After you select the type of fireplace you would like, we will design custom wood mantles, stone, cultured stone or tile surrounds and hearths to complete your dream.


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