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Driveway and Sidewalks

Concrete and blacktop driveways in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

   Most of our clients install either concrete or blacktop driveways.  There are other options for driveway material such as brick, stamped concrete, and pavers but we have found concrete and blacktop to be the two most common for our homes.  


   The driveway “approach” is the area between the sidewalk and the street.  It will be required to be concrete in most municipalities. During the construction process it is likely portions of existing sidewalks and driveways will be damaged and need to be replaced due to heavy equipment moving over the surfaces, or sometimes partial removal is required to access or install utility connections.  Near the end of the project, we will repair or replace areas of sidewalks that were damaged, install the service walk, and driveway. 


   If your project will be completed during the winter months, we will strive to install the driveway and service walks prior to temperature drops that would prohibit installation of concrete flatwork or blacktop until the weather warms back up. 

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