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Pour Footings & Foundation

Concrete home footings and foundations in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

   When the basement dig is finished, the concrete footings will be ready to be formed and poured.  Concrete will take 2-3 weeks to form and install depending upon the weather and time of year.


   We begin by pouring a “footing.” Concrete footings for homes generally are 20 inches wide with concrete basement walls 10 inches thick sitting on top of the footings.  The footing supports the weight of the concrete walls and the framing and finish of your home on top of it. Together, the footings support a lot of weight! 


  The basement and garage floors are called “slabs” of concrete.   We pour slabs after the footings and walls are installed. We install 4” of stone underneath, followed by a plastic vapor barrier, wire mesh, and finally 4” of concrete on top, to form the basement concrete floors.  

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