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Fire Supression Systems

Glen Ellyn Fire Department and Wheaton Fire Departments

   Because peace of mind is important to everyone, we offer an option for fire suppression systems in all of our homes. In towns and villages (such as Glen Ellyn) who have adopted a requirement for fire suppression systems within their building code, a fire suppression system will be included in your new home.


   Fire sprinkler heads are installed in every room and stairwell to minimize damage in case of a fire and to reduce life safety issues. Two fire suppression features that may be of interest are the fire bell and exterior strobe light. These devices activate simultaneously with the sprinkler system. The bell is to alert everyone inside the home of a fire, and the exterior strobe light flashes brightly outside providing a beacon to help the fire department and emergency responders to locate your home.  These safety items could mean the difference between life and death for your family, pets and guests.


   In order to install a fire suppression system we will need to know if your home will have a finished basement and if the ceiling will be dry walled, suspended, or an open sprayed ceiling allowing for ease of access to mechanicals. We will also need to know if you plan to install coffered or vaulted ceilings in your home those type of  features may affect the location of the sprinkler heads.


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