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Site Engineering

Custom home site engineering in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

   Every project requires a site engineering plan to obtain a building permit. This part of the process requires our survey and engineering teams to physically go to the project site to measure land elevations in several areas, which is known as “shooting grades”. The surveyors will designate where the edges of your property or “lot lines” are, as well as the proposed location of your new home.  The engineer will prepare the proposed elevations of the land based on the current lot conditions and the new home to be built on it.


   These design details are very important because the building department must approve them prior to issuing your permit. Our excavator will use the approved information to locate and dig your basement foundation and our excavator and/or your landscaping team will need to finish the grading to the elevations approved by the building department at the time they approved the permit for your home.

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