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Frame Home

Framing homes and additions in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, IL

   This is the part of the process is where your project begins to take life above ground in three dimensions!


   The framing crew will start by building the first floor deck (floor). The deck will be sheeted with plywood before the first floor walls go up. We normally use 2”x6” framing lumber for the exterior walls (vs. the industry standaard of 2" x 4") to increase the structural integrity of your home.


   Once the first floor exterior walls are up, the framing crew will build the interior walls whcih separate the rooms in your home. When those walls are complete, the framers will start the second floor. They will build temporary rough construction stairs to the second floor. The construction stairs will not be the final set of stairs in your home.


   When the second floor is complete the framing crew will build the roof and sheet it with plywood in preparation of installation of the roofing shingles. As a final measure, they will wrap the house with Tyvek vapor barrier (or other similar material) which is a building envelope that reduces air and water infiltration to help prevent drafts and water damage to your home.

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